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Meredith McGehee
Policy Director
Campaign Legal Center

Meredith McGehee is the Policy Director at the Campaign Legal Center where she directs the legislative and media policy efforts. She is also the principal of McGehee Strategies, which specializes in public interest advocacy campaigns. McGehee is the former President of the Alliance for Better Campaigns, a public interest group that sought to put meaning back into broadcasters' statutory obligation to serve the public interest.

Formerly Senior Vice President and Chief Lobbyist for Common Cause, McGehee was named by The Hill as one of the top nonprofit/grassroots lobbyists in Washington. She has given talks at universities and organizations around the country, has testified before Congress, has been quoted in The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Village Voice, Salon, Broadcasting & Cable, The Washington Times, Des Moines Register and numerous other newspapers, and has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC and a variety of television and radio news shows.

Prior to joining Common Cause, McGehee was Legislative Director for U.S. Representative Lane Evans of Illinois and a legislative aide to U.S. Representative Dante Fascell of Florida. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger, West Africa and is a Phil Beta Kappa, cum laude graduate of Pomona College in California.

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