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Maureen and Meghan Freed Murphy

Meghan and Maureen Freed Murphy met through two of their best friends in 2006, and now both believe in love at first sight.  They were married on March 7, 2009 surrounded by friends and family.  In tribute to the Kerrigan decision, many of their wedding photographs were taken in front of the Connecticut Supreme Court and state capitol buildings.  Their courtship and wedding are documented in their blog, www.twoladiesinwaiting.com.

In the real world, Meghan is Counsel to The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, and Maureen works at Travelers by day, and is a third year law student at the University of Connecticut School of Law by night.

They enjoy writing, traveling, skiing, and striving to become amateur oenologists.  Maureen and Meghan reside with their exuberant and poorly behaved Goldendoodle, Boddington, in Hartford's South Downtown neighborhood.

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