Featured Profile

Marilyn Ondrasik
Executive Director
Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition

Marilyn Ondrasik has been with the Bridgeport Child Advocacy Coalition, BCAC, since 1992.  She has extensive experience in community organizing and mobilization with a number of organizations both in New York City and Connecticut.  During the last sixteen years at BCAC, she has tripled the number of organizations actively involved in the coalition, expanded BCAC's Task Forces, and undertaken numerous new initiatives. She has focused on community mobilization and diversity and worked to make BCAC's Board of Directors majority Bridgeport residents and to reflect the diversity of the Bridgeport population.  Similarly, she has brought diversity to the leadership of the various Task Forces.  She has also emphasized parents as key stakeholders and brought parents into leadership positions within BCAC.  Under Marilyn’s leadership, BCAC has achieved policy and program changes at the local level and effectively mobilized regional pressure for changes at the state level.  BCAC’s reports and initiatives are widely copied by organizations in Connecticut and around the country.  Formerly, she was the Executive Director of the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), a research and advocacy organization active in consumer, environmental and good government issues.  She has also been Project Director for Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, developing the Mutual Housing Association of Southwestern Connecticut.  She also organized a community economic development coalition in New York City representing community development corporations and small businesses in low and moderate income neighborhoods.