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Margaret L. Bauman, MD
Associate Professor of Neurology
Harvard Medical School

Margaret L. Bauman, M.D., is associate professor of neurology at Harvard University Medical School; adjunct associate professor of anatomy and neurobiology at Boston University School of Medicine; associate pediatrician and assistant neurologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and medical director of the Autism Treatment Network. She also directs LADDERS (Learning and Developmental Disabilities Evaluation and Rehabilitation Service), a satellite multidisciplinary clinic of the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, and both the Autism Research Foundation and the Autism Research Consortium. In California, Dr. Bauman serves as a child neurology consultant for the Casa Colina Centers for Rehabilitation, Inc, in Pomona, California; and a volunteer physician for the department of pediatrics at the University of California, Irvine. Her research interests include the study of the microscopic brain structure in autism, Rett syndrome and other disorders of neurological development. Bauman has over 75 scientific publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and books. The 2nd edition of her acclaimed book, "The Neurobiology of Autism," co-edited with T.L. Kemper, was released in January 2005. Her many honors include the 2005 Doug Flutie Junior Award, the 2004 Autism Society of Ontario’s Stacy Lynne McNeice Memorial Lecture Award, and the 2003 Pediatric Therapy Network’s Ivory Tower Award for connecting basic science to clinical practice in the field of autism.
of neurological development.

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