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Lynne L. Finch

In her years as a stay-at-home mother, Lynne Finch continually created games and activities to encourage her two daughters to prepare themselves to be independent adults. With her educational background including a degree in English and journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, she became a free-lance writer with a focus on writing for children. Her keen insight into the world of children resulted in several award-winning stories for children. She has also received numerous awards for her non-fiction as well as adult fiction. Her published writing includes how-to, humor, and opinion pieces. As a volunteer, she has served on two public library boards, founded a writing group and served as a writing tutor in the local school system.

Her interest in teaching children how to manage money dates back to 1977 when her children were in pre-school. When it was time to hand out allowances, Lynne was managing the family finances using less and less cash. When she realized she didn't have cash on hand to pay her children she solved her problem by creating The No-Cash Allowance. While her children were growing up and learning how to manage their own money, Finch continued to follow the changes in how we increasingly spend and receive money without using cash. She wrote the first draft while her children were in junior high and recently revised and updated it for use with today's cashless spending methods.

When her children were in high school she earned a degree in computer software applications from Fox Valley Technical College, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Since then she has worked as a desktop publishing consultant, systems manager for an advertising agency, communications director for a software company, and currently as marketing and communications manager for the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra in Appleton, Wisconsin.

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