Featured Profile

Libby Conn
Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network

Libby started at WNPR in the summer of 2008 doing reporting from the station's New Haven studio.  She now works as a producer on Where We Live.  Libby's first became interested in radio at Duke University where she did her undergraduate work in History and Documentary Studies.  Since graduating she has wandered to and fro working with filmmakers, non-profit organizations, and friends to tell stories on topics ranging from family homelessness to family planning on Craigslist.  Libby’s documentary work has aired on Seattle Public Radio and North Carolina Public Radio, and has been featured on The Public Radio Exchange.  When she's not doing radio, you can find her in Hamden teaching her dog new tricks and honing her skills as a cookie monster.  She also relates a bit to one Dorothy Gale, who famously declared to the residents of Oz, "There's no place like home."  Libby comes from Kansas and uses extreme caution near large bodies of water.