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Kevin O'Toole
Culture Correspondent

Following a painfully stupid furtive attempt to join in the mid-eighties (let’s not go there), our man soon joined the staff of WWUH, beginning in the fall of 1988, when the ledgendary Chattering Mandible himself, Grant Miller, his co-worker from another job, was program director.

After fourteen years (during which he availed himself of the access to the biggest, widest library of music he’s ever seen, and hosted not only his own “Call It Thing” show, but fill-ins in virtually every genre the station offers), he got the bug to produce a movie show, and, urged on by the psychedelic one, and with his buddy Sam (who apparently was raised by a pack of wild 16mm projectors, or something), he began wirting and producing Culture Dogs, a movie show with a special focus on Hartford’s own re-burgeoning cinema scene.