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Karen Senich
Executive Director
Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism

Karen Senich is currently the Executive Director of the Connecticut Commission on Culture & Tourism. Established in 2003 by Connecticut General Statutes §10-392 et seq., the Commission’s mission is to preserve and promote Connecticut’s cultural and tourism assets in order to enhance the quality of life and economic vitality of the state.

Ms. Senich joined the Commission in August 2006 as the Director of Operations to oversee the daily administration of the agency; work with the Office of the Attorney General on legal issues; assist in matters pertaining to legislation, regulations and policy; and work directly with the Executive Director of the agency as second in charge. In January 2007, Ms. Senich was appointed the Acting Executive Director of the Commission by Governor Rell and in February 2008, was appointed to serve as the Executive Director. Ms. Senich also continued to serve as the Director of Operation, along with serving as the Director of the Tourism, Film and Historic Preservation Divisions. During that time, Ms. Senich served as the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer and now serves as the State Historic Preservation Officer.

Ms. Senich has administered, directed and overseen daily operations, programs and services and the divisions within the agency. Ms. Senich has implemented new grant programs and four new tax credit programs. She has filled more that half of the 21 vacancies which existed in January 2007 and moved the agency to its new consolidated offices. Prior to joining the Commission, Ms. Senich practiced law focusing on litigation and administrative law. She is licensed to practice law in Connecticut and South Carolina.

Ms. Senich graduated from Westover School in Middlebury and from the George Washington University in Washington, DC with a BA in criminal justice. Ms. Senich earned her JD, cum laude, from Tulane Law School in New Orleans, LA where she also earned a certificate in Sports Law and was the Editor in Chief of the Sports Lawyers Journal. Ms. Senich currently resides in Middlebury with her 7 year old daughter.

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