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Karen Hobert Flynn
Vice President for State Operations
Common Cause

Karen Hobert Flynn was named Vice President for State Operations in October 2007.


Karen has been involved with Common Cause for more than two decades, as a member of the national staff, a volunteer leader and a state executive director. Under her leadership of Connecticut Common Cause (1996-2007), Common Cause passed a number of reforms, including a sweeping gift and meal ban, a soft money ban, a phony issue ad law, and many campaign finance and ethics laws.  Karen served as Executive Director for six years and became Chair of CC/CT in 2005.  Karen was a key leader and strategist of the Campaign that passed the strongest campaign finance law in the country in 2005.  


Karen worked at the national office of Common Cause from 1985 to 1989, serving as Director of the Campaign Finance Monitoring Project and Director of the Washington Connection in the Grassroots Lobbying Department. Karen has worked for a number of other national public interest groups, including Public Citizen and Center for Science in the Public Interest and as Field Director of the Long Term Care Campaign, which was funded by AARP, Families USA, and the Alzheimer's Association.  Karen also served on the board of Common Cause New Jersey before she moved to Connecticut in the fall of 1995. 

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