Featured Profile

John Nowacki
WNPR Host, All Things Considered
Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network

John came to WNPR in 1990 from the Midwest, where he began his radio career. Initially working as a Classical music announcer, it wasn’t long before John became Music Director for the station. The lure of working for other stations was strong, but after two forays away from WNPR, John decided to return to the region, and station, that he likes best. When the position of All Things Considered host came open, John decided to try his hand at working in the News, and hasn’t looked back. Besides hosting the afternoon news show, John works behind the scenes, assisting in other aspects of production for the station. John lives in the tony South End of Hartford with his partner and their Samoyed, Gillon. In his spare time, John enjoys singing in a local church choir, playing early instruments, and reading up on 16th and 17th century personages.