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Jeff Benedict

Jeff Benedict is an award-winning investigative journalist and the best-selling author of nine books.  He has been a contributing writer for Sports Illustrated, the Los Angeles Times, and the Hartford Courant.  His books have been the basis for features on 60 Minutes, ABC News 20/20, Dateline, HBO Real Sports and the Discovery Channel.  He is a Distinguished Professor at Southern Virginia University, where he teaches advanced writing.  He holds a J.D., an M.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in History and he previously practiced law in Connecticut.  He is a frequent public speaker for professional organizations, clubs and schools.

In 2009 Benedict released two books.  LITTLE PINK HOUSE: A True Story of Defiance and Courage (Grand Central Publishing, January ‘09) chronicles the epic story behind the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous decision on eminent domain – Kelo v. New London.  The book received universal praise.

In addition to writing, Benedict has had an active career in politics.  He ran for U.S. Congress in Connecticut and he is the former president of the Connecticut Alliance Against Casino Expansion, a non-profit corporation that he founded with business, civic and religious leaders from around Connecticut.  In 2003 Benedict partnered with Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal to lead an effort to enact landmark legislation to stop casino expansion in the state.  He has testified before Congress on the influence of the gambling industry.

Benedict has served as an expert witness on behalf of domestic violence and sexual assault victims, as well as an advisor and consultant to lawyers representing victims of violence.  He is also a frequent essayist and guest commentator on national news programs and cable stations.

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