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Jack Hasegawa
Education Consultant
Connecticut Department of Education
Jack Hasegawa is a member of the “Sheff Office” at the State Department of Education. The Office is responsible for implementing the State’s response to the Sheff v. O’Neill Supreme Court Decision. He was previously Chief of the Office of Educational Equity and Acting Chief of the Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction.

Since 1993, he has served as project manager for a number of panels and special projects growing out of Connecticut’s official responses to the Connecticut State Supreme Court’s decision in the landmark “Sheff v. O'Neill” case.

Before joining the State Department of Education in 1993, Mr. Hasegawa was the General Secretary of Dwight Hall, Yale University’s Center for Student Community Action and Social Change, for 14 years. He was also an active participant in the Southern Civil Rights movement, and a community organizer in poor neighborhoods and housing projects in Boston, Osaka and Kyoto. He has been a teacher and administrator in colleges in the United States and Japan.

He has worked as a consultant and lecturer on diversity issues for a variety of educational institutions, businesses and non-profit organizations, including Harvard College, AT&T and the United Nations.

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