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Jace Lacob

 Jace is the writer/editor (and sole contributor) ofTelevisionary, an award-winning television website that focuses on US and UK television programming, news, reviews, and interviews with creators and cast members from a wide array of scripted and non-scripted series.

Televisionary was born in February 2006 as a means for Jace to creatively express his views and thoughts about all things television-related while he worked within the entertainment industry.

Jace holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature from Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences and a Master's degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from New York University. He also studied Literature at Oxford University (Wadham College, to be precise). 

He is also a contributor to The Daily Beast and Los Angeles Times/Show Tracker.

Jace has been interviewed by CNN.comThe NationUSA Today/USA Weekend, and The New York Times for his views on the television industry and current programming.

Jace has worked in the television industry for more than seven years, both on the domestic and international sides, in development, co-productions, and acquisitions. He's been involved in some small way with some of your favorite series and hopefully can avoid taking credit for some of your least favorite ones. He reads every single pilot script each season (yes, every one, even the lousy ones) and watches every completed pilot around the time they're picked up to series during the Upfronts in May.

For publicists: Jace welcomes all coverage inquiries but please note that he writes exclusively about television (and to a smaller extent TV-on-DVD), so please don't send press releases or inquires on other topics. A list of popular topics can be found in the "Categories" section on the main page or individual post pages, so please familiarize yourself with the types of content this site covers before pitching.

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