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Howard Cruse
Comic Artist and Graphic Novelist

Howard Cruse is the creator of Wendel, the 1980s comic strip about a circle of gay friends that was collected in its entirety in 2001 in a book called Wendel All Together. His 1995 graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby, won both Eisner and Harvey Awards in 1996, and has since won awards in England and Germany. An Italian translation of SRB has also been published and Spanish translations of both SRB and Wendel All Together are now in production. Stuck Rubber Baby 's French edition won the Prix de la critique at the Angouleme comics festival in 2002. Many of Howard's underground comix were compiled more than a decade ago in the books Early Barefootz and Dancin' Nekkid With the Angels . Cruse's newest book, The Swimmer With a Rope in His Teeth , an illustrated adaptation of a fable by Jeanne Shaffer, was published by Prometheus Press in April of 2004. Many of his comic strips, both old and recently drawn, are archived on his extensive website, Howard Cruse Central. Recently completed projects are new comics created for inclusion in future edition's of Jennifer Camper's Juicy Mother series and the second Robert Kirby-David Kelly Boy Trouble book collection plus a five-page gay webcomic drawn for Tim Fish's Young Bottoms In Love. He is also self-publishing a new edition of his 1983 fable Felix's Friends.

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