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Heather Brandon
Urban Compass

Heather Brandon, creator of the Urban Compass blog, lives in Hartford with her husband and three children after moving from Springfield, MA in 2007. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Policy Studies at Trinity College.


Born in Phoenix, and raised in Pittsburgh, she has a bachelor’s degree in Growth and Structure of Cities from Bryn Mawr College, where she minored in Fine Arts. She received the Cities department’s Bolton Award upon graduating for her thesis work on downtown Pittsburgh’s PPG Place, which examined the conflicting intentions of the private and public sectors, and how they manifest in the built environment.


Heather has been writing, reporting and photographing for Urban Compass since May 2005. It began as a blog on MassLive.com, then migrated to the Valley Advocate, where it also appeared as a weekly print column. Since the move to Hartford it has continued to evolve, but its aim remains an examination of the role and characteristics of the urban center in the region.