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Geoff Fox
News Channel 8

What do you do when you're stuck working outside during Buffalo, New York winters?  Move inside and become the weatherman. At least that's what Geoff Fox did.

A native of New York City, Geoff worked in radio for eleven years, waiting to look old enough to get into television.  Once he started shaving on a daily basis (sometime around his 30th birthday in 1980), Buffalo called.  On a freak set of circumstances, he ended up as WGRZ-TV's weekend weatherman, and quickly discovered something -- Geoff didn't know a hill of beans about the weather.

Luckily, his background in computers and math were the right combination, and with a lot of reading and practice, he was soon forecasting. In Buffalo, this means saying the word SNOW a lot between November and May.

Geoff came to News Channel 8 in May of 1984.  Since joining the team, he has supervised the re-equipping of the News Channel 8 Weather Center.  The center now contains a variety of state-of-the-art equipment, along with SchoolNET 8. News Channel 8 is the only station in the state with a educationally based  weather network that serves a growing number of schools across Connecticut.   

This system allows students to access live weather data and utilize the information in daily science lessons.  It also provides News Channel 8 viewers with  accurate weather information gathered from the school's weather stations across the state, all of which gives News Channel 8 a forecasting advantage.

Geoff has also brought back reports from the top of Mt. Washington, (on a day when the temperature was about zero and the wind was gusting close to 100 MPH), the eye of Hurricane Diana and Disneyworld (someone's got to do it!).  Geoff was the driving force behind News Channel 8's coverage of Hurricane Gloria.  His accurate predictions warned people of the possible dangers of the hurricane both before and during the storm.  Geoff brings you the weather each weeknight on News Channel 8 at 5, 6 and 11, and also gets to do some funstuff like fly with the Navy's Blue Angels.

When off-duty, Geoff and his wife Helaine raise $50 tomatoes in Hamden.  They have a daughter, Stefanie.  Geoff also has a personal home page at geofffox.com you can check out.

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