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Gary MacNamara
Deputy Police Chief
Town of Fairfield

Mr. MacNamara is a 17 year veteran of the Fairfield Connecticut Police Department, and currently serving as a Lieutenant. During his career he has responded to a varying degree of Critical Incidents. He has also attended and completed numerous Critical Emergency response Courses, Incident Command Courses, as well as several train-the trainer courses.

During his career, Lt. MacNamara has been recognized by a variety of agencies for his duty, dedication, leadership and professionalism while working a variety of investigations ranging from Homicide, Organized Crime, Money laundering, Racketeering, to Prostitution and narcotics. He has also on several occasions been Federally Deputized to further investigative leads.

These agencies include:

* The U.S. Attorney’s Office, Orlando Florida
* The U.S. Attorney’s Office, New Haven, Connecticut
* The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
* The Internal Revenue Service
* The Brevard County Sheriff’s Department, Florida

In 2004 Lt. MacNamara was named Police Officer of the Year by the Connecticut District Exchange for outstanding service.

Lt. MacNamara is trained in the art of Hostage Negotiation. In 2002, he successfully negotiated the release of 27 students held hostage on the campus of Fairfield University, held by a subject claiming to possess an explosive device. As a result of the almost eight hour incident, he has, and continues to speak nationally and internationally on the subject of Hostage Negotiation and how it relates to a campus environment. The same year, 2002, Lt. MacNamara was a Fairfield County Hero Award nominee for courage, dedication and commitment to Public service.

Lt. MacNamara has taught extensively in the area of Critical Incident Response, Biohazard response for Law enforcement, as well as Interview and Interrogation techniques. His training has led him to assist in the development of School Security Plans, Small Pox response plans, as well as leadership in the face of Crisis. He currently acts as a designated Security Coordinator for the Town of Fairfield Small pox response.

Lt. MacNamara is a 2004 graduate of the FBI National Academy (219), where he received specialized training in Computer Systems, Leadership and Communication. In addition to these activities, he instructs Internet Safety for Parents and Children, and presents training on Crisis Leadership, Crisis Survival, and Crisis Communication, and Crisis Prevention.

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