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Elizabeth Johnson
Associate Artistic Director
Liz Lerman Dance Exchange

Elizabeth Johnson is a choreographer, dancer, educator, and the director of the Dance Exchange’s Teen Exchange program. In her eight years with the Dance Exchange, Elizabeth has collaboratively created dances in communities from Eastport, Maine to Los Angeles, California; from Kyoto, Japan to Vancouver, Canada. She works with youth, seniors, and religious communities of many faiths, high school teachers, lawyers, scientists, and professional dancers, with a particular focus on teens. Her work with young people has been featured across the country as well as at home in the metro DC area. Her choreographic work is driven by athleticism, physicality, and the desire to connect movement with meaning. She is a yoga practitioner, runner and rock climber. Elizabeth graduated from Connecticut College with a B.A. in Dance and a minor in Theatre, and has studied at London Contemporary Dance School. Elizabeth is the Dance Exchange artistic lead on the multi-media exhibit “Cells: The Universe Inside Us” in development at the Maryland Science Center. Elizabeth received the "Center for Creative Youth Arts Leadership Award for 2005" from Wesleyan University, which is given to someone who has demonstrated extraordinary devotion to bringing the arts to the community and spreading arts advocacy.


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