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Dr. Daniel T. Callahan
Director, Research
The American Mustache Institute

In the growing field of mustache research, there is no greater authority than Dr. Daniel T. Callahan, the American Mustache Institute’s (AMI) research director who was hired by the organization’s founder, Dr. Schnurrbart Snor, in 1979.

Callahan’s doctoral thesis, "Facial Hair's Socio-Ethical Impact on 20th Century Man," has been cited as the founding document in the mustache movement, the predecessor to the AMI.

Callahan first became interested in this field of mustache research while attending a Frank Zappa concert in San Francisco.

"I was amazed at the power this simple facial hair had on the concert-goers," he remembered. "I lingered after the show and listened as they talked about what they had seen. My research began that night, as did my mustache which, as I toiled alone for many years on a subject most scorned, was my only friend."

After receiving his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin's Tonsorial Studies Department, he worked in academia, but only as janitorial staff and a figure model at several colleges.

"These were the dark days to be a mustached American," he said. "It was not unusual to see 'mustaches need not apply' signs at many employers."

But entering the 1970s drastically changed that atmosphere for the Mustached American, and as the only applicant for the research director's job at the AMI, he used its prestige to elevate awareness of discrimination while building a world-class research facility.

"My research continues through the AMI," he said. "We are on the verge of breakthroughs in many areas, from mustache cloning to a cure for follicle-phobia, the irrational fear of Geraldo Rivera. The world will hear more about our research in the coming years."

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