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Dan Kildee
President and CEO
Genesee County Land Bank

In 1977 became the one of the youngest people ever elected to public office in the nation when he was elected to the Flint Board of Education at age 18. He and his wife Jennifer have three children: Ryan, age 29, a graduate of Michigan Technological University, and works in the private sector in Colorado Springs, Colorado; Kenneth, age 17; and Katy, age 15.

Kildee initiated the use of Michigan’s new tax foreclosure law as a tool for community development and neighborhood stabilization. He founded the Genesee Land Bank - Michigan’s first land bank - and serves as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Kildee is President of the Genesee Institute, a research and training institute focusing on Smart Growth, urban land reform, and land banking.

In 2003 Governor Granholm and legislative leaders appointed Kildee to the Michigan Land Use Leadership Council, which made 160 recommendations to address urban sprawl and other land use issues. In 2005 Granholm appointed Kildee as one of the initial directors of the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority, the nation’s first statewide Land Bank, which Kildee currently chairs.

In 2005 he completed a Fannie Mae Foundation Fellowship at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

Dan Kildee is a member of the Executive Committee of the National Vacant Properties Campaign.

In 2007, Kildee’s Land Bank program was named winner of the Harvard University/Fannie Mae Foundation Innovations in American Government Award for Affordable Housing, and in 2008 Kildee was the recipient of the Michigan “Excellence in Land Use Leadership Award” by the MSU Land Policy Institute and the Michigan Land Use Funders Network.

He currently serves as Chairman of Michigan’s Fifth Congressional District Democratic Party.

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