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D. Dowd Muska
Writer, researcher, public-policy researcher

Writer, commentator, public-policy researcher, and activist, D. Dowd Muska has worked in the pro-liberty movement for more than 15 years. While studying government and history at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., he interned at the Media
Research Center. After graduation he served as a communications coordinator for the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. In 1997, Dowd turned his attention to
state government, as director of publications for the Nevada Policy Research Institute. In March 2004, he accepted a fellowship in his home state to conduct
an investigation of Connecticut’s fiscal policy for a free-market think tank.

Dowd is the author of several groundbreaking examinations of Connecticut’s
unsustainable tax and spending habits. In March 2005, “The Value Gap” explored the inefficiency of the state’s government-school districts. In January 2006, “The Two Connecticuts: Public vs. Private Employment in the Nutmeg State” exposed the disparities in pay, benefits, and working conditions between employees in government and the private sector. In August 2006, “Fifteen Years of Folly” sparked a statewide debate about the disastrous consequences of Connecticut’s income tax. In June 2007, “Reform Spending, Relieve Taxpayers” described Connecticut’s property-tax crisis and suggested tools to restrain runaway local-government spending.

His writing has appeared in many national publications, including Human Events and The American Conservative. Dowd is a columnist for the (Waterbury) Republican-American.

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