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Chris Donovan
Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives
State House of Representatives

From Chris Donovan's Website:

Representative Christopher G. Donovan is Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives.  He was sworn in as Speaker on January 7, 2009. Representing the 84th Assembly District of Meriden, he was first elected to the Connecticut General Assembly in 1992.  Speaker Donovan served as House Chair of the Labor and Public Employees Committee from 1997-2003, before being elected Majority Leader in November of 2004.  He served two terms as Majority Leader.

Speaker Donovan has been a key sponsor of health care reform legislation. He believes quality health care coverage should be available to everyone in the state.  As Majority Leader, Speaker Donovan led successful fights on campaign finance reform, stem cell research funding, and supplemental Medicare coverage, as well as expansions to the HUSKY program, minimum wage increases, school-based health clinics, school nutrition, and mass transit improvements including the push for the New Haven-Springfield commuter rail line.

Speaker Donovan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at Villanova University and his Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Connecticut School of Social Work.  He teaches part-time at the University of Hartford. Speaker Donovan formerly worked for the Congress of Connecticut Community Colleges the Connecticut Citizen's Action Group where he focused on environmental, energy and housing issues. He also worked for the Service Employees International Union on day care, family leave, and pay equity issues.

Chris, his wife Elaine Gallen Donovan, and his daughter Sarah live in Meriden.  Chris and Elaine have a grown son Aaron who resides in Massachusetts


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