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Charles Landry

Charles Landry helps cities transform their thinking so that they look at their potential imaginatively and can plan and act with originality. He assesses the interplay and the impacts of deeper global trends, and attempts to ground these in practical initiatives. He inspires, stimulates, challenges and facilitates tranformation.

Charles is an authority on creativity and its uses and how city futures are shaped by paying attention to the culture of a place. His recent book The Art of City Making (September 2006) now in its third edition and published by Earthscan has been highly acclaimed. It focuses on how cities can be more "creative for the world" so that the energies of individuals and companies can be brought into alignment with their global responsibilities. This builds on his original ideas in his acclaimed book The Creative City: A Toolkit for urban innovators. Together with co-author Phil Wood he has now also published The Intercultural City (2007).

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