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Brittany Hill
Student, Fairfield University

Brittany Hill is a Senior at Fairfield University who is pursuing a BA degree in Psychology and a minor in English. Brittany has been writing poetry since the age of seven and composing her own songs as well, but it wasn't until her Junior year in college that she started to take her poetry writing seriously. With the help of Poetry I and II, taught by professor Kim Bridgford and a semester of independent study with Bridgford as well, Brittany has increased her understanding of poetic language and form and now works with the sestina and villanelle. She is an Associate editor of the Dogwood Poetry and Prose Journal, which is a national publication, and is the only journal staffed entirely by undergraduate students. She is also part of Fairfield University's “Poetry by Stealth” initiative which is comprised of the best poetry writers on Fairfield University's campus, and was also a judge for Poetry for Peace, a poetry competition for kindergarten through eighth grade students in Fairfield and Bridgeport. Brittany plans to attend Graduate school next fall for an MFA in Poetry.

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