Featured Profile

Beth Rotman
Director of Public Campaign Financing
Connecticut State Election Enforcement Commission

As the Connecticut State Election Enforcement Commission’s Director of Public Campaign Financing, Beth Rotman has been building the administrative framework required for the implementation of the State of Connecticut’s new Citizens’ Election Program (the “Program”). Ms. Rotman has also been advising the Commission on legal and policy issues related to the administration of the Program. The Program provides full public financing to qualified candidates seeking election to statewide offices or the General Assembly.

Ms. Rotman is the former Deputy General Counsel of the New York City Campaign Finance Board (the “Board”). While at the Board, Ms. Rotman advised the Board’s members, the Board’s Executive Director, and the Board’s General Counsel on legal and policy issues related to the administration of the New York City Campaign Finance Program. She also coordinated and supervised the Board’s administrative enforcement and penalty process, and implemented the Board’s enforcement and compliance mechanisms. She drafted legislation enacted in 2004 which extended the Board’s jurisdiction to the regulation of all candidates for elective office in New York City, including those who did not elect to participate in the public funding program. Additionally, she drafted litigation papers and conducted oral arguments in the Board’s litigation matters in state and federal courts.

Prior to joining the Board, Ms. Rotman clerked for two years at the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and served for one year as the Derrick Bell Civil Rights Fellow at New York University School of Law. Ms. Rotman is a 1999 graduate of New York University School of Law, where she currently serves as a Board Member of the New York University School of Law Alumni Association. Ms. Rotman also serves on the Model Law Committee as a co-author of the Council on Governmental Ethics Laws’ forthcoming publication, A Model Law for Campaign Finance, Ethics and Lobbying Regulation.