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Annie Robinson
Education/Outreach Coordinator
Icarus Project

The Icarus Project envisions a new culture and language that resonates with experiences of 'mental illness' rather than trying to fit lives into a conventional framework.

They are a network of people living with experiences that are commonly labeled as bipolar or other psychiatric conditions. They believe in having "mad gifts" to be cultivated and taken care of, rather than diseases or disorders to be suppressed or eliminated. By joining together as individuals and as a community, the intertwined threads of madness and creativity can inspire hope and transformation in an oppressive and damaged world. The Icarus Project helps members overcome alienation and tap into the true potential that lies between brilliance and madness.

The Icarus Project is a collaborative, participatory adventure fueled by inspiration and mutual aid. The Icarus vision is brought to reality through an Icarus national staff collective and a grassroots network of autonomous local support groups across the US and beyond.

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