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Andrew Clark
Director of the Institute for the Study of Crime & Justice
Central Connecticut State University

Andrew Clark is the Director of both the Institute for the Study of Crime & Justice (ISCJ) and the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP) at Central Connecticut State University.

His ISCJ duties consist of developing and coordinating forums and public hearings on the proposed legislation; developing and carrying out public relations policy; and collaborating with the main proponents of the legislation and fellow legislators, CCSU staff and faculty, national experts, the non-profit advocacy community, the governor’s office, members of the judicial branch, and agency leadership and staff.

Mr. Clark is currently head of the ISCJ project team tasked with administering competitive grants that will aim to provide positive interventions for youth of incarcerated parents. In addition, he is the co-principal investigator in the evaluation of the New Day program (operated by the Connecticut Puerto Rican Forum through funding provided by CSSD).

As Director of the IMRP, Mr. Clark works to facilitate regional solutions to common problems facing municipalities. The IMRP brings together CCSU faculty, staff, and students with state and national experts to provide immediate and long-range options for concerns such as taxes, housing, transportation, workforce development and education. Community, municipal, and state leaders routinely attend IMRP conferences, forums, and symposia where research and ideas are presented that help shape policy decisions at the local, regional, and state level.

Prior to coming to CCSU in 2005, Mr. Clark served as clerk of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Appropriations Committee and aide to House Chair William Dyson for 5 years, clerk of the Transportation Committee for one year, and deputy clerk of the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee for one session.

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