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Peru Looks at Legal Options Against Yale
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Hiram Bingham III in camp at Machu Picchu, November 1912Hiram Bingham III in camp at Machu Picchu, November 1912News reports from Peru say the government may pursue legal action against Yale University over the disputed archeological artifacts from the Incan site of Machu Picchu.

The official Peruvian newspaper “El Peruano” is reporting that Ambassador Felipe Ortiz de Zevallos has been authorized to hire lawyers and explore possible legal action against Yale. Peru wants the university to return Incan artifacts taken from Machu Picchu by explorer Hiram Bingham nearly a century ago.

This is the 2nd time Peru has considered legal action against Yale over the ancient materials which include silver statues, ceramic vessels, jewelry and human bones. Last year the two sides worked out a tentative settlement agreement most museum-quality objects would go back to Peru, but Yale would be allowed to keep many research artifacts for another 99 years.

Now Peru wants all the materials back. Yale has acknowledged Peru’s title to the objects. But has also said that under Peru’s Civil Code of 1852, finders of artifacts were allowed to keep them.