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Daniel O’Donnell at Home in Ireland
A combination of familiar Irish tunes and American favorites
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Broadcast Date

Daniel will be in our studio to present his new PBS program from our studios on March 3rd at 8 p.m.

Concert Date

Saturday, August 8, 2009 at 7 p.m.
Chevrolet Theatre - Wallingford, CT


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  • Pair of Tickets to Saturday, August 8, 7 p.m. concert at the Chevrolet Theatre

All tickets will be processed on a best-available basis (from front of the theater to the rear) in the order in which they are pledged. All ticket pledges must be on a credit card! 

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A new concert hall in Letterkenny located in his home county of Donegal is apropo for a brand new program.  This special has Daniel singing for the people at home in Ireland and at the same time singing to public television viewers across America. The program was taped on July 14, 2007 where Daniel performed with his long-time singing partner Mary Duff.  

The program consists of a combination of familiar Irish tunes and American favorites.  Interwoven throughout the program Daniel sing songs from some of his favorite locations in Ireland.  As Daniel sings, “Destination Donegal,” audiences will be transported to County Donegal where Daniel calls home and shares some of the most beautiful sites from the area. In “Dear Old Galway Town,” audiences are transported to one of the most beautiful and picturesque towns in Ireland, Galway.  From the church where he was baptized, received his first communion and where he married his wife Majella, Daniel sings “It is No Secret.”  Then it’s on to County Leitrim for the song “Blue Hills of Breffini,” and finally to County Clare where Daniel sings “My Lovely Rose of Clare.”  
American favorites such as “Oh Lonesome Me,” “Heartaches by the Number,” and “Tiger by the Tail” are laced throughout the program.  As always Mary Duff presides with her powerful rendition of “Working Man” that has audiences in the theatre singing and swaying.  Both Mary and Daniel explode in a musical repartee with the song, “Save Your Love,” where Daniel sings in Italian and Mary swoons at his every word.      
The program Daniel O’Donnell at Home in Ireland is a perfect blend of music that is familiar to American audiences and the places that are so dear to Daniel and the millions of people who call Ireland home.  
Song List
Stand Beside Me
Oh Lonesome Me
Destination Donegal (on location)
There Goes My Everything, Fooling Around
Dear Old Galway Town (on location)
It is No Secret (on location)
Heartaches by the Number
Working Man (Mary Duff Solo)
Blue Hills of Breffini (on location)
Tiger by the Tail, Little Arrows
My Lovely Rose of Clare (on location)
I Missed Me
Save Your Love (duet Daniel and Mary)
Medley: You are My Sunshine, It Takes a Worried Man, Down by the Riverside