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Jacques Pépin
Essential Pépin
Essential Pépin includes everything that is essential to Jacques - his nearly tangible love of food and cooking, his teaching and mentoring, and his family and friends.
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Saturdays at 4PM

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ESSENTIAL PÉPIN is the culmination of chef Jacques Pépin's 60+ years of experience in the kitchen. In this new series, Jacques welcomes his daughter Claudine, granddaughter Shorey and lifelong friends and colleagues to cook with him. In each ingredient-driven episode, the 75-year-old culinary legend provides step-by-step instruction for creating a mouth-watering dish and demonstrates his impeccable technique, from chopping an onion or peeling a softly boiled egg to breaking down a leg of lamb. The series encourages novices to take their first culinary steps and entices seasoned home chefs to try something new.

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