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New Haven Police Officer Sentenced
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Bridgeport Federal Court: Photo by Diane OrsonUS District Court, Bridgeport: Photo by Diane Orson
A former New Haven narcotics detective was sentenced to federal prison on Monday part of an ongoing corruption probe into the city’s police department.

36 year-old Jose Silva pleaded guilty in October to one misdemeanor count of deprivation of an individual’s civil rights. According to court documents, Silva and another detective, Justen Kasperzyk, carried out a drug raid at a New Haven home in November 2006. They found narcotics in the basement, planted the drugs in an upstairs bedroom, then arrested the individual in the home. Silva filed a false report. Then in March 2007, Kasperzyk searched another home, stole $1000, and put $500 in Silva’s pocket, which he kept.

US District Court in Bridgeport was crowded with Silva’s family and New Haven police officers. Silva told the court he’d brought shame, embarrassment and humiliation upon himself and his family. He was sentenced to 3 months in prison and a year of supervised release. "The message is…law enforcement officials who don’t play by the rules will be held accountable just like those they investigate" said US Attorney Kevin O'Connor.

Judge Alan Nevas told the court he was troubled by letters he’d received in support of Silva from New Haven police. Nevas said none mentioned the victim, who spent four weeks in jail after being framed. Justen Kasperzyk is to be sentenced in March.