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New energy laws set to go into effect with new year
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January 1st will see many new energy laws go into effect in Connecticut as the state continues to roll out the provisions of the energy bill passed this year by the legislature.

The new provisions are many and varied, taking in attempts to deal with transportation, electricity generation and alternative fuels. State residents who buy trucks, vans and motorcycles that get at least 40 miles to the gallon will benefit from an expansion of a temporary state sales tax exemption – that measure currently applies only to cars.

The legislature has also mandated that authorities prepare a plan for spreading the use of biodiesel heating oil blends in state buildings. Homeowners who want to update their air conditioners can take advantage of a new rebate program if they opt for a new model that meets federal Energy Star standards – the give backs range from 25 dollars for smaller room air conditioners to 500 dollars and up for central air units.

Meanwhile the state’s two utilities now have a month to submit plans for new power plants that could be used to meet Connecticut’s needs during times of peak demand. CL&P and UI could be competing against private generation companies for the right to build the new facilities.