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Navy Admiral Testifies in Terror Trial
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Testimony continued Wednesday in federal court in New Haven in the terrorism trial of a former Navy sailor.

Former U.S. Navy Rear Admiral David Hart told the court that he’d immediately have requested changes in a planned deployment to the Persian Gulf, had he known that classified information about his ships had been leaked to terror suspects in London. 32-year old Hassan Abu-Jihaad was a signalman on a guided-missile destroyer under Hart’s command.

Federal prosecutors say, while on active duty, Abu-Jihaad communicated with British terror suspects through a Connecticut-based website….leaking secret information about his ship and those in his Navy battle group. Computer files seized in London show details of the battle group’s movements..and include explicit times when the ships are most vulnerable.

On Tuesday, jurors saw portions of graphic videos that call for violent jihad. Prosecutors say the former sailor ordered the videos through the Connecticut-based website. Defense attorneys say that although the former sailor may have been in contact with the website, the government’s case lacks direct proof that he disclosed the secret information.
The trial is expected to last up to two weeks.

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