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National study: 1 High School Student Drops Out Every 13 Seconds
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A new report finds that more than a million public high school students nationwide will not graduate this year.

According to Christopher B. Swanson, director of Editorial Projects in Education which conducted the study, that's one student dropping out every 13 seconds.

While Swanson calls this a crisis of significant proportions, the report does suggest a 2.6 percent National increase in graduation rates. But according to Swanson, the progress is too slow.

"The Nation as a whole is improving, and graduation rates are improving in 35 out of the 50 states. but if we think about the rate of improvement, we're talking about two thirds of a percentage point a year, we want to get from 71 percent to up to where a lot of us probably think the graduation rate should be -- 85, 90, 95 percent. It's going to take a lot of time if we continue to move at our current pace."

Connecticut ranked 10th among 2005 graduation rates with 78.1% . That's a little higher than the National Average of 70.6%.

But minority students in the state graduated at a much lower rate - African Americans at 60 percent, Hispanics at 53.5%.