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Michelle Obama Campaigns at Local Diner
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Michelle Obama, wife of presidential hopefull Barack Obama: Photo by Cloe Poisson, of the Hartford CourantMichelle Obama, wife of presidential hopeful Barack Obama: Photo by Cloe Poisson, of the Hartford Courant
Michelle Obama was in Connecticut Wednesday, campaigning for her husband, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. She met with a group of working women at a local diner.

Seated at the Parkway Diner in Stamford, Connecticut, Michelle Obama listened as a group of women talked about health care, retirement and the skyrocketing cost of college. She said she and Barack Obama just finished paying off their college loans three years ago, so she understands why young people question whether they can afford higher education.

"...Or they go and come out with so much debt. Then they can’t be social workers, they can’t be nurses, because young people like you recognize that if I’m gonna do this and pay off my debt I’m gonna have to work three or four jobs.

Barack Obama was trailing Hillary Clinton in a University of Connecticut poll released last week. But, his campaign has been gaining momentum since his win in the South Carolina primary.