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FBI Director Mueller Addresses Campus Security
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FBI Director Robert Mueller: Photo by Marie KuhnFBI Director Robert Mueller: Photo by Marie KuhnRobert Mueller was the keynote speaker at the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators Conference in downtown Hartford. It's an organization that advances campus public safety. Mueller says one cannot rule out any community as incubators of terrorism and colleges and universities are included in that group. He also says the FBI has been concerned about the exploitation of college and university students for a number of years.

He urged the audience to watch for individuals who exploit students in order to undertake an attack:
"We know that we're looking at a universe of approximately 580,000 foreign students in the United States at this time, and 99.9 percent of those foreign students are law abiding, seeking to learn about the United States and to further their education. It is that .01 percent that we have to worry about."

Mueller has joined with some university officials around the country to create the National Security Higher Education Board. The Board meets regularly to discuss campus safety. Mueller says talking with university officials has allowed him to explain the Bureau's role.

"Nobody wants to see a Viriginia Tech; nobody wants to see what happened in Northern Illinois. Whenever we face a situation like this, we always come together in ways that you would not think is possible. When areas like this, rooms such as this, coming together like this to share views and develop our friendships is as important as anything else."

Representatives from more than 300 colleges attended the conference.