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Mandatory Sick Leave Bill Moves Ahead in Legislature
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The Center for Working Families says that 84% percent of Connecticut residents support a bill that would require employers to provide a minimum number of paid sick days.

The Paid Sick Days bill would allow full-time workers in companies with 25 or more employees, six and a half days of sick leave per year. The measure was passed by the judiciary committee on Monday in a 21 to eight vote,

The center for Working Families surveyed 500 Connecticut residents were surveyed over a three-day period about the legislation.

Joe Dinkin of Connecticut Working Families says the results show high approval from all political affiliations.

"When employees have to go to work sick, they're more likely to affect co-workers or customers, and less likely to have access to preventative health services that in the long run will help reduce cost for businesses, for workers, and for the State. You know, eighty seven percent is a pretty high number of people that are supporting this measure, but I guess that should come as no surprise since a hundred percent of Connecticut residents get sick."

The state's largest business organization, the Connecticut Business and  Industry Association, is lobbying against the bill saying it mandates  a "one size fits all" policy, and would affect businesses that rely on seasonal and part-time help.