Looking for Yoga

Report Date:
01/13/2010 4:17pm

On Mondays, if I can duck out of here early enough, I take a yoga class at my health club. Health club yoga is usually unsatisfying, but I love the teacher, Natalie Goff. I feel as though I need to get back to yoga, but finding the right place is difficult. (Before my knee got really bad, I practiced a lot at many of the yoga centers around Greater Hartford.) On Tuesday night, out of desperation, I tried my first Bikram class, because there's a center near my home. It's just not for me. Too rigid. Too one-size-fits-all. Too hot (105 degrees.) The postures themselves are not all that interesting.

Meanwhile, it's too long a drive to be a regular practice for me, but I'm taking a trip soon down to ultra-hip Middletown to try a class at this place.