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Local businesses want to hear more on the economy
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The nominees may not yet be clear, especially on the Democratic side, but Connecticut, at least, has spoken. As the primary race moves elsewhere, Oz Griebel, president of the Metro Hartford Alliance says he hopes John McCain will continue his tough stance on spending and the deficit, and he says he wants to see a much more informed debate on trade policy.

"In a global economy a state like Connecticut really depends on increased export opportunities, so as the campaign goes through the primary season and particularly when we get to the general election after Labor Day, I’m hopeful that there will be more focus on economic issues, particularly the importance of international trade."

Meanwhile, Tony Sheridan, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut, agrees that the eventual nominees will have to talk about creating a level playing field for US business in the global economy. And he says there’s another big issue his members want to see addressed effectively.

"Our members are really very frustrated. Our healthcare system is not working at this point, and we need to have something done. We don’t want a single payer system, but we want universal access to a healthcare system that’s the best in the world, for everyone."

Both agree that the business community has been just as energized by this contest as the rest of the state, now looking forward to their chance to cast a ballot in the general election.