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Lieberman endorses McCain
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Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has crossed party lines again -- this time to back Republican John McCain for President. Lieberman made his endorsement Monday morning in New Hampshire.

Senator Lieberman, who was the Democratic party's nominee for vice president in 2000, was flanked by Republican former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge as he backed McCain in his 2nd run for President. Ridge served as the 1st Secretary of Homeland Security, a new federal agency whose creation was the result of a bipartisan effort post 9/11 headed up by Senators Lieberman and McCain. In backing the Arizona Republican, Lieberman says the war on terror requires a candidate like McCain who can unite the country and end partisan polarization.

"You've got to go, I hope everybody, for who we genuinely think is best qualified to lead our nation forward. Because the problems we face today here at home and around the world are too great, the threats are too real, and frankly the opportunities in this great country of ours are still too exciting. You know, political parties are important, but they're not more important than friendship, they're not more important than our future, and that's why I am proudly here to urge both Republicans and independents in New Hampshire to come out on January 8th and make John McCain the next president of the United States," says Lieberman.

Lieberman and McCain disagree strongly on most domestic issues, but are both strong supporters of the Iraq war, the issue that saw Lieberman split with his party in 2006 and win a 4th term as an independent. The endorsement of McCain may serve to burn any remaining bridges Lieberman has left with his fellow Democrats.