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Legislators Want Advantages for State Companies
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Senate Democrats have announced a plan that would give Connecticut businesses an advantage to winning state contracts.

Democratic leaders say they want more state jobs awarded to Connecticut businesses. The Department of Social Services alone sends more than $117 million to out of state companies.

State Senate President Donald Williams says that some of those millions of dollars could be used to grow jobs in Connecticut.

"And what it really boils down to is very simple: Treat Connecticut companies in the same way that other states treat their own companies."

Under the proposal, a company's advantage would mirror the advantage an out-of-state business would have in their own state.  For instance, Michigan only awards their printing contracts to in-state businesses.  A Connecticut company can't win a contract through the process.  

The leaders also point out that Connecticut's income tax forms are printed in Massachusetts and the refund checks are printed in Rhode Island.  But neither of those two states--Massachusetts and Rhode Island-- are among the twenty states with preference laws.  So the proposal wouldn't apply to the bidding process on those contracts.