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Legislators Call for Home Care Funding
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Speaker of the House James Amann, D-Milford, and Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero, R-Norwalk photo by Chrsitine Stewart, CT NEWSJunkieL-R: Senate President Pro Tempore Don Williams (D-Brooklyn), Speaker of the House James Amann (D-Milford), and Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero ((R-Norwalk). Photo by Chrsitine Stewart, CT NEWSJunkieA bipartisan group of Connecticut Lawmakers unveiled a bill that would allow more families to care for their loved ones at home.

Speaker of the house Jim Amann says the program known as Money Follows the Person could save tax payers up to 64 million dollars and would keep people out of nursing homes.

The program in Connecticut uses medicaid funds to provide people with residential care assistance.

After being diagnosed with esophageal cancer seven years ago, Amann spent more than two months in the hospital on a feeding tube.

"When I got out of that hospital, the first thing I wanted to do was go to my house, with my family, with my walls around me that was familiar to me, for my healing. There's no one in the State of Connecticut that should not have that choice, to be able to have home care where you could have recovery."

The proposal calls for expanding the coverage from seven hundred to five thousand, people, and eliminating the required six-months stay in a nursing home to qualify.

Bonnie Veillette spoke on behalf of her husband, Bob Veillette, the former managing editor of the Waterbury-Republican. He suffered a stroke in 2006 which left him paralyzed. Veillette said the bill will affect everyone at some point in their lives.

"Bob and I had planned our children's educations, their weddings, our grandchildren, retirement, but we never planned this. We are one of thousands of stories about people in the State of Connecticut that have to deal with a catastrophic illness in their lives."

The program could be accessible to residents by July of this year.