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Larson Gives Up Big Tickets to Obama Speech
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Congressman John Larson gathered with his constituents last night to watch Barack Obama accept the Democratic Nomination for president. He left Denver early, giving up his seats to two former Hartford Mayors.

Thirman Milner and his successor as Hartford's mayor, Carrie Saxon Perry were at Invesco Field last night,  witnessing the event from front row seats.

Larson said both made history in the 1980s. Milner as the first African American man to be elected mayor in New England, and Saxon Perry as the first African American Woman in the country to be elected to the office.

"In thinking of two former mayors who were first in and of themselves, how great that would be for them to be there and witness this history making event, and not un-coincidentally, given both of their involvement in the civil rights movement, how wonderful a moment it would be for them."

Senator Obama's acceptance speech fell on the 45th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech.

Thirman Milner remembers King's speech in 1963. Speaking on WNPR's Where We Live, Milner said Obama's nomination is the climax of his career.

"I never thought it would happen in my lifetime, even today. I didn't grow up looking forward to becoming even mayor, and I never thought we would ever have a African American president in the United States, or a candidate for president. I always thought we would probably have a women first, and then maybe some day, my grand kids would see that day when we would have an African American for president of the United States. "