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Labor Department Warns of Lost Productivity Due To Insect Bites
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An unlikely group is concerned about bugs and the diseases transmitted through their bites. With warmer weather coming, dozens of small business owners gathered in Windsor to talk about how their workers can avoid getting sick.

Small business owners are feeling the sting of workers calling in sick after getting bit from an insect. Some of them gathered for an informational meeting about bed bugs, ticks, mosquitos-- and the diseases they carry. Nancy Steffens is from the Connecticut Department of Labor. She says the bugs don't pose a workplace hazard, but they could affect business productivity.

"If somebody has a worker that is out for any reason--maybe they got bit by a mosquito and they have the West Nile Virus or if there's lyme disease that has come into the house hold--it really does affect the business on a daily basis. Because you might have somebody out for awhile. So, our goal as part of Conn. OSHA is really to educate the businesses and to let them know what kind of resources are available."

Steffens says that the number of bed bugs are increasing in Connecticut dwellings, especially in apartment complexes. The meeting was a part of a monthly series of roundtables organized by Steffens' group.