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Kerry Endorses Obama
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Senator Kerry called all of the democratic presidential nominees "capable people" and admitted that it was a tough choice to make, but echoed his endorsement for Senator Barack Obama.

"The kind of change that we need in the country, the depth of transformation that is needed - I think that he has the best opportunity to be able to unite Americans with a clean slate and be able to lead us to a different place in the world", he said.

Admitting that the United States has more issues at the present time than he's ever seen, Kerry sees promise in Obama's campaign for "change"

"The fact is that the first candidate in this race to center his campaign on that issue is Barack Obama. Everyone is following Barack Obama. That's why I beleive he's a leader".

In bypassing his his former running mate John Edwards, he said, "its a different time, and there are different needs and different demands on the nation".

Kerry was in Springfield giving a speech to over two hundred students from New England and New York who are involved in "Model Congress". Students spend three days writing, debating and voting on legislation, much of which is similar to issues being considered in the U-S congress. Kerry asked the future leaders to maintain civility, find common ground and to keep the bigger issues in the forefront.