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Joe Lieberman Stumps for John McCain
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One day before the important Florida primary, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman continued his push for Republican Senator John McCain. Senator Lieberman says he endorsed John McCain first and foremost because of his national security credentials. But right now, the economy is on people’s minds.

Lieberman says McCain supports the short-term stimulus package being discussed in Washington, plus tax incentives to businesses to invest and create jobs. "Overall I think you’re going to find Senator McCain to be someone who has a pro-growth strategy for our economy. And it’s a strategy that proceeds from some confidence that we can’t become protectionists. We have to trade with the rest of the world because that’s where there’s going to be markets for the goods that we make here "

Joe Lieberman, an Independent who caucuses with the Senate Democrats, co-chairs Republican John McCain’s campaign in Connecticut. Lieberman says McCain will work across party lines to get things done. "Senator McCain is being criticized now by some of his Republican opponents because on occasion he’s worked with Democrats with whom he agreed on that particular issue, even if he disagreed with them on a lot else. But that’s exactly the kind of independent-minded leadership that our government needs."

Lieberman says he’ll stump with McCain in Connecticut before Super Tuesday. But he won’t vote on February 5th. Lieberman’s a registered Democrat..and in Connecticut, he’s not allowed to vote in the Republican primary.