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Faith-based Groups in Hartford Protest the Iraq War
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Religious leaders begin their talks with the solemn sound of bells.Religious leaders begin their talks with the solemn sound of bells.

People from many faiths protested the fifth anniversary to the Iraq war with prayers and sermons. One such gathering happened at the Center Church in Hartford. A large green flag with a peace sign towered over the umbrellas of the nearly three hundred protesters.

Rev. Kathleen McTigue, Senior Minister at the Unitarian Society in New Haven, welcomed the crowd. She stood in front of twenty-nine pairs of boots, each one marking the death of a soldier from Connecticut.

“We are naming and honoring the fallen. We are naming a shameful fifth anniversary to this war and we are naming the catastrophe that this war has been to uncounted thousands of people.”

Some bowed their heads as they listened to Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslims leaders.

McTigue was arrested later in the day when - as part of her protest - she blocked the entrance to a federal building in Hartford.