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Hollywood East Backer Says They Have Money For Project
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The man behind a proposal to build one of the nation’s biggest movie studios in Connecticut says he does have the backing to complete the project.

New Haven based company Hollywood East was this week revealed as the winning bidder for a property known as Point Stratford, an old Army manufacturing base in the town.  They plan to put millions of dollars into environmental remediation, before building a complex that will have 30 soundstages.  President of Hollywood East, Allen Christopher says the site could provide the state with something really new.

"The largest soundstage in Connecticut right now is roughly 15,000 square feet, you know adequate size for a television studio or for maybe shooting a sitcom.  But for the major motion pictures, they like sound stages 20 thousand square feet and above.  This facility has two buildings side by side that are 46,000 square feet, with a door that connects them both."

The plan has prompted comparisons with the ill fated attempt by Utopia Studios to develop the old Norwich State Hospital site, but Christopher says his company is very well backed.

"Just to bid on this property we had to put up a million dollars cash, for the privilege of bidding.  And we presented our plan in advance to show them what the adaptive reuse would be. So if we don’t close on this at this point, we feel confident that we will, we will lose that million dollar cash deposit."

Hollywood East now has 180 days to complete the deal with the army, and must present a site remediation plan to the state Department of Environmental Protection.