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HIllary Clinton Airs First Television Ad in Connecticut
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Democrat Hillary Clinton began airing her first presidential campaign ads in Connecticut on Wednesday. "Our economy is real trouble. And while George Bush helps his friends, the middle class gets slammed. Hillary Clinton warned Bush last month to act …"

The television ad portrays New York Senator Hillary Clinton as a strong leader with solutions to problems facing the economy. State Senator Gayle Slossberg is co-chair of the CT Women for Hillary. During a conference call unveiling the ad, she told reporters Clinton understands the struggles of middle class residents in Connecticut. "She has a positive message for the people in the state of CT where most people are concerned about the economy and about health care, with very clear and specific plans about what she wants to get done."

A Hartford Courant poll released on Sunday shows Clinton with double digit leads over Democratic rivals Barack Obama and John Edwards in Connecticut’s February 5th primary. Obama began running ads in the state last weekend.