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Hartford school superintendent testifies in Sheff case
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Elizabeth Horton Sheff - mother of named plaintiff: Photo By Chion WolfElizabeth Horton Sheff - mother of named plaintiff: Photo By Chion WolfHartford School Superintendent Dr. Steven Adamowski testified Tuesday in the ongoing Sheff vs. O’Neill desegregation case. Dr. Adamowski told the court that Connecticut’s current financing model to support Sheff desegregation efforts…doesn’t work. He said on average, Hartford loses money for every suburban student transported into the city and that it costs the city $400 over what the state is reimbursing. He said those funds have to be taken from the education experience from resident Hartford students. Adamowski said, in order for Hartford area interdistrict magnet and urban/suburban transfer programs to work, funding should follow the child.

The Sheff case is back in court eleven years after the CT Supreme Court ruled that the racial, ethnic and economic isolation of Hartford’s schoolchildren violated their right to an equal education. The case is expected to resume in December.